Even though it’s Raining, it’s Spring at Lyndendale Gallery.

Don’t worry about the wintry weather. The wisteria at Lyndendale Gallery always knows when it’s spring. It has produced its usual amazing floral display.

Spring has come to Lyndendale Gallery - I think!

Spring has come to Lyndendale Gallery – I think!

After you have breathed in the glorious scent of the wisteria and admired its beauty, please come inside and see what’s ‘old’ and what’s ‘new’.

Toni Crilly, an art photographer, has some amazing photographic images for you to enjoy. She is the focus artist for September and October. As you walk in the front door, the first thing you see are her lovely images.

Toni was a recent major prize winner at Signature SouthWest at Art-Geo in Busselton. Well done, Toni!

Art photography by Toni Crilly

Come and have a look.

Walk with me into the next room. New in here, in the Aladdin’s Cave of the gallery are silk and silk- felted scarves from Val Hornibrook of Maybrook Designs. All of you who have seen her other scarves, collars etc will be very excited be this news.

Look at this beautiful silk scarf with the wool felt detail. There’s quite a story goes with this scarf. It nearly met a horrible fate.

Silk from Val Hornibrook's Maybrook Designs

And there’s some beautiful modern glass pieces from Heather Smedley and Will Elliott. You won’t have seen their work here before. What a thrill to have them as new contributors to the arts and crafts at the gallery. I’m hoping to have some of their art deco light fittings at some stage. I’ve seen the photos – wow!

val 001

In addition there are necklaces made with our very own Western Australian woods from WoodWrite. This time, there is even one made from sandalwood! These are on a leather thong. They make a great gift especially if you are looking for that special something to take or send overseas.

See in this photo too one of Mary Bendall’s ceramic ‘stones’. This is a small one. They look great in groups of three and in their various sizes.

There’s also one of Jane flower’s beautiful hand-crafted books. (To see more of Jane’s work why don’t you consider taking a drive to her gallery/studio  south of Bunbury on the road to Busselton -it’s aptly named Folios and Fibre. It’s generally open Friday to Sunday)

And, take a look at Chris Elston’s glass plate with the crazing. Chris’s gallery and studio,’The 5th Element’ (It too is south of Bunbury but just off the road to Dardanup in the beautiful Ferguson Valley. Chris is there most times.)



And while I’m mentioning this last, it is by no means least. Come and check out the locally photographed cards, bookmarks and postcards featuring our wonderful southern WA wildflowers. Actually, there are also a few cards with those quirky little fellas from Gnomesville.

Well, it’s nearly school holiday time in Western Australia. I can hardly wait to tell you about what’s coming and what’s on at the Gallery then. If you and your friends want to come here at times other than those advertised, just contact me. I love having people here.

I just realise, I haven’t mentioned the exciting workshops that are coming up. I will next time. Promise.


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  2. ingridrick says:

    Looks like a hive of activity at Lyndendale Denise, and so very creative. look forward to my next visit.

  3. Thanks so much.I look forward to seeing you too.

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