Every day is Christmas at Lyndendale Gallery

When I look around the Gallery, I am continually amazed at the quality and variety of works.(I’m sure I’ve said that before.)

Local artists and artisans are continuing to bring their works in. Marguerite Aberle, the current focus artist, has her miniature cards as well as some larger watercolours with a Tuscan theme .

A hint of what to expect when you see Marguerite's framed watercolours. Delicate and inspiring.

A hint of what to expect when you see Marguerite’s framed watercolours. Delicate and inspiring.

worksDec 13 001

Elli Barrett’s delightful cards with photos of the original watercolours. Elli is a real talent.

worksDec 13 002

Brenda of Emme has a new’ string to her bow’ with these little wooden birds. Each has fabric wings – perhaps felted, perhaps not. They would look great hanging  outside or on the Christmas tree inside. And doesn’t Jane Flower’s bunting look lovely strung across the doorway This is the smaller of two sizes of bunting (See more of Jane’s work here or at Folios and Fibre near stratham)

worksDec 13 003

Brenda of Emme again! This flower will never die. Complete with vase comes this bold felted flower of unknown species.
worksDec 13 004

George of Ripple Grove has brought in several new pieces including these jarrah boards. Easycare – just rub them over with vegetable oil.
worksDec 13 005

New from Ripple Grove! This is the first time for these horseshoe hooks on a beautiful piece of jarrah. There’s another shape coming in a photo or two.

worksDec 13 006

This little bird is in danger of becoming extinct. Georgina is selling these photos of the bird mounted on canvas to raise money for their preservation. This is the only one I have left.

worksDec 13 007

From William Elliott comes this latticed glass ‘tray’. I can just see it with Christmas bonbons now or with fruit after the festive season.

worksDec 13 008

I’m sure I’ve already shown you this wreath candle holder (with candle) from Brigitta Kurmann. There’s a pale blue one and a crimson one too – lovely at any time

worksDec 13 009

And here is the littlest angel – and the only angel left!! There are 2 of Marcella Becker’s outdoor angels but this little angel of Brigitta’s is all alone inside

worksDec 13 010

On a more practical note – a great present – Jarrah coasters from Ripple Grove

worksDec 13 012

Here’s the second horseshoe coat- hook board from Ripple Grove – on another distinctive piece of jarrah. You can see one of Wild Design’s pyramids too. You just lift the lid and place a candle underneath. The light and colours are spectacular.

worksDec 13 013

Brigitta’s crimson wreath candle-holder is alongside one of Rie Yamauchi’s small vases. Rie also works out of the Butter Factory in Busselton

worksDec 13 014

Ever popular – a blue wren from Wild Design.

worksDec 13 015

Gnome bookmarks from Libby. Pop one of these into a book when you lend it. There’s a place for your name. Your books are sure to come back then.

worksDec 13 016

Reports about this book have all been positive. A memoir with poems, James Depiazzi chronicles the ordinary, and not-so-ordinary, moments of a full life.

worksDec 13 017

Sack the photographer! ToniC, a much better photographer than yours truly, uses her skill as an art photographer to present her Ferguson landscape

worksDec 13 018

How lovely is this glass ‘dish’ from Heather Smith? There is a lot of glassware in the Gallery at the moment – all of it lovely. For example, look below at Chris Elston’s candle holders. Chris has her own studio-gallery, Fifth Element, not far from Bunbury.worksDec 13 019 worksDec 13 020

Nearly at the end – see what I mean about so many new and varied items? This is another of Brenda’s delightful wooden birds (rustic jarrah this time) with felted and hand-dyed wingsworksDec 13 021

Still a few copies of Kevan Collett’s beautiful coffee table book. What a lovely present this would make for anyone!

Whew! Is this chapter 3 of Christmas 2013? If you think this all looks quite exciting, and I can assure you it is, come in for a visit or contact me for more details.



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  1. Johanna says:

    Loved Chapter 3 and everything looks so enticing. I think you’re going to have to open an online shop soon … but we just have to get out to you again soon though 🙂

  2. ingridrick says:

    Such amazing talented people – some fantastic gift ideas there … I must be due for a visit soon.

  3. I really must come out and visit again soon. Have a lovely Christmas Denise.

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