Blogging and Photography at Lyndendale Gallery – March 2014

You may think it an odd thing for an art gallery to have blogging workshops, or freelance writing for magazines. You might be able to see a link with photography.

Well they’re both sooooooo important to artists and artisans.

Why? Because everything is so expensive. Try getting a website up and running for free. Try getting a magazine to accept an article on your work or business.Try getting a photographer to photograph your work for free. Try taking your own photos of your work with not much idea of what you’re doing – eeeek!!

Hence some of the long list of reasons for having workshops on these  topics.

Blogging first.

Why do you need one? What is it?

Read what Johanna Castro says. She should know, as her blog, Zigazag, has been nominated the number 1 travel blog in Western Australia!! (Coincidentally, she is conducting the blogging workshops here at Lyndendale Gallery)

‘Blogs are a low investment marketing tool, as important for businesses as they are for service providers.

Personal blogs, business blogs, hobby blogs – it seems that today everyone has a blog. Why do you need one for a small business and how can a blog improve your business if you’re an artist or entrepreneur?

Come  along and learn about the way you can use a  blog to promote yourself and your business, and look at the options available for setting up a free blog.

The good news is they can be run on their own as a dynamic website, or in conjunction with your existing website — and the even better news is that you can maintain them easily yourself. No, you don’t need a web designer and No you don’t need to understand HTML code, but you do need to understand what they can do for you and how to set one up.

At the end of the workshop, attendees will understand what blogs are all about, the reasons for having one, and how to advance to set one up.’

So here’s what you will cover in the 3- hour introduction to blogging workshop –

  • ·     What is a blog and how can it be applied?
  • ·     What is the difference between personal and business blogging?
  • ·     Why start a blog?
  • ·     The advantages of a blog vs a traditional website.
  • ·     Different blogging platforms.
  • ·     Why a blog is a good business prospect.
  • ·     Or…why have a personal blog?
  • ·     What should my blog be about?

So, when is it? Tuesday March 4th 2014, 9 to 12

How much? $65

Anything else? Bring note paper and a pen.Notes provided. No internet required.

Minimum for the workshop to proceed is 5 people.


Next little thing after you get your blog up and running —how do you get people to read it??

Here’s Jo again on

How to Increase your Blog Traffic

‘Are you finding that your Mum and your Best Friend are your only readers? Are your comment sections looking a little empty?

Never fear, this is the problem faced by many bloggers at different times during their blogging journeys.

In this workshop we’ll look at proven ways to help improve your blog traffic and get people interested in visiting your corner of the internet.

Your journey is about to get exciting. ‘

This is definitely for me! My best friends already know what’s going on at Lyndendale Gallery. It’s the rest of the world that i want to tell about the great arts and crafts that are here!

Monday March 10th 2014, 9 to 12

Bring note paper and a pen or laptop/ipad

Notes provided

No internet required.

Fees: $65

Minimum 5 people.

Now, here’s the icing on the cake!Timed to complete the day and to ensure even more people read your blog (and mine!), is an afternoon session of photography with freelance journalist and photographer, Jill Harrison.

Blogs need good photographs, and if you’re thinking of starting a blog you won’t want to rely on images taken from the internet for copyright purposes – so why not learn to take your own?

Jill will be introducing you to elements of digital photography.

She says,

‘ New to photography, own a camera and don’t know how to use it, not happy with your photos?

Learn the basics of photography and guidelines for seeing and composing images.

Everyone started as a beginner. Don’t feel overwhelmed by technicalities when starting out.  A few simple basics and knowledge of the elements of composition will benefit your photography and help you bring home photos you will be happy with.

It doesn’t matter what camera you use –

carry your camera,  see the image, take the picture – and keep practising! “

When? March 10th , 1 to 4

  Cost –  $65

 Please bring your camera – Point&Shoot or DSLR, and camera manual.

 Workshops are limited to minimum 5 and maximum 8 participants.

Morning and afternoon tea are provided for all workshops but you need to bring your lunch if you’re staying for a full day.

I’ll give you the contact details and how to pay now.(Just send me this information – email is fine)








I will pay $65

    ( ) Cheque (payable to Lyndendale Gallery)

( ) Internet transfer A/C name Lyndendale Gallery BSB 086-554 A/C no 82223-3030

No GST is payable.

Pay at least 10 days before the workshop  and send to

Lyndendale Gallery

828 Crooked Brook Road,  Dardanup.6236

Phone: 9728 3038


And last but not least, here is some information about our two workshop presenters – and it’s impressive!!

About Johanna

Johanna is married to a geologist and has two grown up children. She’s lived with her family in 11 different countries and now lives in beautiful South West Australia.

Exploring and writing about the region became a passion which led on to the opportunity to update the Western Australian chapter of Fodor’s Travel Guide in 2011.

Jo writes freelance travel features for the West Australian, and is an online publisher and editor of two blogs: Zigazag ( and Lifestyle fifty (

She has facilitated writing and blogging courses in Australia and South Africa.

She has written for 40+ publications. 

Jo’s blog, ZigaZag has been nominated as one of the Top 40 Australian and New Zealand Travel Blogs, and Number 1 in Western Australia!

About Jill

 Jill Harrison has been a freelance journalist and photographer since completing a freelance journalism course in 2002. Her photography really took off after the purchase or her first digital camera in 2005 and since then has become her passion.

Since then she has completed several photography courses, had numerous travel articles published in national magazines, has sold images through Getty images, is a member of the Photography Group of Bunbury and the WA Photographic Federation, and publishes images on her blog –








About Lyndendale Gallery

Artist:printmaker Owner of Lyndendale Gallery
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8 Responses to Blogging and Photography at Lyndendale Gallery – March 2014

  1. Jo Castro says:

    Running workshops at The Lyndendale Gallery is a privilege and a passion, so thank you for promoting my blogging courses here Denise. The gallery provides a wonderful creative atmosphere in a beautiful setting, and if potential attendees don’t want to attend one of my workshops, then they should definitely consider something else from the enticing array of other artistic learning opportunities on offer. Learn, laugh and lap up the atmosphere I say!

  2. Yes I endorse that – the workshops at Lyndendale are top quality and in a most pleasing environment … I am going to book in to Jill’s photography course as I have a new camera and could do with some expert guidance …

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  4. Art Partners says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed my first workshop at Lyndendale Gallery. I really hope to attend the photography workshop, and plan to bring someone along. Workshops which include photo composition appear to be rare. So, well done for including this workshop in your plans. See you there!

    • I really hope we can find another date that will suit you both, Wanda. I’m glad you realise the importance of composition. Jill says that, when she first began, it was a workshop on composition that set her on the ‘right’ track.

    • Sorry to take so long to respond, Art Partners. not long now to this much-awaited workshop. jill harrison has wond several awards for her photography recently so I know you will be receiving the best in this workshop.

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