His Inner Tree and Other Things – ‘Textures’ by Graeme Pages-Oliver



Imagine setting yourself the project of  looking at your life objectively, week by week, and interpreting the events of a whole year! And then, imagine undertaking this project as a series of drawings.

That is what Perth Hills artist, Graeme Pages-Oliver, undertook in 2011. And , having 52 interpretive drawings he spent 2012 converting them into a series of screen prints with digital colouring. These have then become an exciting exhibition.

And how lucky are we in the South-West of Western Australia to have the opportunity to see several of these works at Lyndendale Gallery until the 22nd of June 2014.


At the opening of the exhibition on Saturday May 31st, Graeme said that when he started these drawings he soon realized that he was the tree in each of them and that his inner journey of 2011 was reflected in the works. Hence the name of the series — ‘My Inner Tree’.ImageBut Graeme has moved on from there.

In the second room, we see more recent works – bold textural images of rocks and trees – all interpreted by him and revealing his love of texture – and, of course, his love of the colours and landscape of the North-West.

So, if you’re coming to visit us in the Ferguson Valley, do by all means visit Gnomesville. However, do also drop in to Lyndendale Gallery to admire these imaginative, varied and exciting art works of Graeme Pages-Oliver.(www.pajez.com.au)



Lyndendale Gallery is at 828 Crooked Brook Road, Dardanup and is part of the beautiful Ferguson Valley area of Western Australia’s South-West.





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