Ten Great Christmas Gifts for UNDER $20 at Lyndendale Gallery (it may be a few more than 10..)

Is there a catch? No.

Looking for something hand-made or crafted from Australia’s beautiful South West corner?

Not wanting to spend ‘too much’?

Look no further. I’ve beetled around Lyndendale Gallery, camera in hand, to show you just what you can buy for a modest amount – the modest sum of less than $20.

Next time, I have a list of things for under $30 – but first things first!

Number 1.

Look at this precious little pack of paper cut decorations for only $10. Created by Anita Smedley, they will be joined by some delicate paper-cut name tags before the end of this article.

These 10 cut paper decorations can be name tags or bChristmas decorations or even 'dressing up' for a glass of something bubbly.

These 10 cut paper decorations can be name tags on your Christmas table or Christmas decorations or even ‘dressing up’ for a glass of something bubbly.

Number 2.

These lovely ceramic angels are about 25 cms high.

These lovely ceramic angels are about 25 cms high.

And how beautiful are these? There are only eight of these angels left. Made by Brigitta Kurmann of Busselton, they are highly sought after every year. I call them ‘angels with attitude.’ Price each? $25. (How did these sneaky angels get in here? They’re supposed to be in the $30 and under post!)

Number 3.

Olive oil from just up the road in Greenwood Heights.

Olive oil from just up the road in Greenwood Heights.

Normally a very reasonable $16, The Fairfields are offering their ‘limited edition’ olive oil for $13 as a Christmas special. Fabulous present.

Number 4.

By now you will surely realise that you can have something very special , something of quality, something hand-crafted – for a great price.

Ferguson Valley calendarAnd here’s something new! our local photographer, Libby, of P.H.otos4U has put together beautiful images of scenery and places in our lovely Ferguson Valley. And look! Lyndendale Gallery features in September. Guess what everyone in my family will be getting for Christmas this year? ($18)

Number 5.

Aged jarrah bird with fabric wings

Aged jarrah bird with fabric wings

From Emme come these delightful aged- jarrah birds with fabric wings. You can choose a bird with felted wings, with bronze wings or …there’s quite a variety.

Each bird is about 10 cms high and hangs from fine fishing line. Cost was $15 but is $12 for Christmas

Number 6.

Cut paper tags with Christmas themes

Cut paper tags with Christmas themes.

Again from Anita Smedley. How stunning would your Christmas table look with these name tags at each setting? There are 6 different designs in each of these little red packs, all tied with white ribbon. Will you believe they cost $4 a set?

Number 7

(I have to confess here – I think I’m going to have 15 items to show you)

notepaper boxesThese little boxes have original hand-printed lids. These come from me. Inside are packs of paper. These are  ideal to keep near the phone. These boxes are usually $10 but are only $8 as a Christmas special.

Number 8

The Black VanAnd what about a holiday read? Proving that he is nothing if not versatile, artist, Kevan Collett, has written an intriguing novel. I’ve read it and can tell you that there came a point where I had to sit up and finish it to see what was going to happen.

This novel usually sells for $20 but Kevan is offering it as a Christmas special – $16.

Number 9

IMG_2359And what about a festive touch in your room? This lovely fabric bunting from Jane Flower of Folios and Fibre is double-sided and about 2 metres long. You can use it year after year. Price is $18 (I only have 2 of these so be quick if you like it)

Number 10

We’re getting there but I do really want you to see all these items.

Framed fabric picturesThese framed fabric pictures, again from Emme, would make a great gift for someone special (or perhaps for you?) The fabric has actually been made!

They can be hung or put on a stand. Price is usually $15 but only $12 up to Christmas

Number 11

IMG_2360Brooches from Sharon Williams. Some of these have a metallic finish while others are a charcoal colour  with green incising. They’re quite unique and come in a variety of designs- only $15

Number 12

Well, I’ll have to stop here and show you the rest when I do my under $30 post. The computer has decided it is too hot/cold/late/early/wet/dry (tick the correct answer) and refuses to download any more images.

So you’ll have to wait to see these other hand-crafted items that are all under $20 – the Marri tealight holder, the 2015 diaries with original prints on the covers, the photographic zines, the felted necklaces, e fabric -covered notebooks and…wait for it…. the 2015 Gnomesville Calendar!

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  1. sue cornwell says:

    looks great Denise.

  2. ingridrick says:

    Wow … What a great assortment of gitts and some real bargains especially at Christmas time. I love Anita Smedley’s gift tags and boxes of note paper too.

  3. ingridrick says:

    I’m jet lagged – that’s my excuse!

  4. Johanna says:

    What am awesome array of delightful gifts, Denise! As soon as I’m back I’m going to hot foot it out to you. Love this post. Hope lots of people share it 🙂 I am right now xx

  5. wonderful Christmas gift giving ideas Denise.

  6. Brenda Warner says:

    If you are wondering who Emme is, it is me, Brenda Warner. Emme was my swing label from 2004 when I launched my first range of ladies fashion accessories in Melbourne. My range has evolved and grown since then so I changed my label recently to FELTNITNSTITCH. Thanks to Denise at Lyndendale you can see some of my work so call in for my special Christmas offer on all my work.

  7. Anita says:

    Love the collection! Thanks very much for the feature, so wonderful to be grouped with such a talented bunch!

  8. Wanda says:

    This is just a lovely post Denise. In fact, I’m coming out to the Lyndendale Gallery today to have a closer look. I think we’ll have to pick up a little something to offer as a gift to someone who comments on the Art Partners December blog post. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Fabulous gift ideas Denise! I’ll be out for a look with my friends some time soon!

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