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Bio: Artist:printmaker Owner of Lyndendale Gallery

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  1. George Herring says:

    Congratulations and thank you Denise….you professionalism in sharing Artists work makes it a please to be associated with you and your Gallery

  2. What a great Blog. Well done Denise. I love looking at all the wonderful creations at Lyndendale Gallery and I am very proud to be part of it. I have had my work displayed here for six years and appreciate that opportunity.
    I changed my label from Emme to feltnitnstitch at the beginning of this year because I have been incorporating my three loves in my work and my label says it all.
    Have a Happy Christmas everyone so make sure you visit Lyndendale soon to take advantage of the 20% discount which is the Artists’ gift to you this Christmas.

    Brenda Warner – feltnitnstitch

    • hi, Brenda
      Will have to get myself used to your new brand. I continue to call it Emme because the labels say so but look forward to the new feltnitnstitchIi have loved having your work at the gallery. Where has 6 years gone?
      Thanks for the positive comments.

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